Tyler Chan


Tyler Chan (20) is a Chinese American photographer. Born and raised in New York, he spent most of his youth between New Jersey and China Town.

Having gone to school in New Jersey, he found himself being one of the only Asian kid in school. Tyler finds pride in being Asian and shows affinity with all kinds of Asian communities, including family, which has played a huge part in his life.

Naturally, this reflects in his work where he captures things that are the closest to his heart. His recent work, which he showcased for @sob.collective , portrays himself with his grandparents and conveys his respect and gratitude for his grandparents, past generations and ancestors.

Currently, he studies photography at Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. Moving to here has influenced his creative process and given him a new perspective. It was a leap of faith but it turned out to be really good. It gave him the opportunity to push himself really hard, proving everybody but especially himself that he will achieve what he had envisioned.