LaFam at X21


La Fam will be having it’s first retail place in Rotterdam at no other store than X21. Expand Rotterdam is honered to be hosting the release of the upcoming summer and winter collection from La Fam that will be available at the X21 store later next month. Expect an exhibition, live paint-session and exclusive merchandise at the upcoming edition on Saturday, 6th of May.

La Fam is a unisex streetwear family based in Amsterdam. Passionate about the youth culture in Amsterdam, we slowly try to connect with the rest of the world. Through a family bond, our group of friends, the special people around us, and everyone we share the love with, we build a brand that is as inclusive as possible. Within La Fam, we believe in equality, where acceptance is important. Accepting each other can make one feel at home and part of a family. We believe in connecting and helping each other. We speak out on issues we think are important and try to give a voice to the people and organizations we care about.

X21 is an independent company selling contemporary street fashion for street savvy customers craving for original products. They operate from their retail store in Rotterdam and worldwide through our webshop.

More information about the release and our collaborative item will be announced soon..