GOONTEX, commonly abbreviated to GTX or GTX #1 is a collective hailing from and based in The Netherlands. It features a range of vocalists, producers and videographers. Founded by frontman Flansie in 2020, who is a prominent figure in the modern day underground scene as one of the first artists to bring the plugg sound to the Netherlands back in late 2016 and as someone who helped create the unique sound that combines muddy 808s and aggressive drums with cloudy and glitchy melodies, popularised by the likes of Yeat and Trippie Redd. Current day members include Flansie (artist and producer),Kunch Sosaa (artist), ccured (artist and producer), Lukovic (producer), Dej (artist), demo2k (videographer and artist), Skimayne (producer), and sserotonin (producer). The collective produces several genres ranging from spacey plugg beats to aggressive rage beats, with all of the affiliated members specializing in different sounds.

GOONTEX have been making a name for themselves in the underground community and there’s a big chance you’ve at least heard of them if you are tapped in with underground soundcloud music; producing for the likes of Trippie Redd, Yeat, Goonie, Izaya Tiji, Lucki, Autumn! and more. This list documents the several instrumental productions done by the GOONTEX team over the years.

Part of GOONTEX will be performing at the upcoming Expand Rotterdam edition between 23:45-0:00. More information coming soon..