Baanhof is a special location in the old electricity building ‘Onderstation Baan’ from 1949 in the heart of Rotterdam. The tram and metro used to be controlled from the Baan.

This impressive piece of Rotterdam reconstruction architecture has been out of use for 30 years. It is somewhat hidden at the back of the Baan near the Witte de With street at the foot of the Erasmus bridge. The mysterious substation has been renovated inside and put back into use. The authentic features from the 1940s have been fully preserved. With its character and the art & object collection of the Studio, Baanhof is a new discovery in Rotterdam with endless possibilities. 

Due to the different floors, all with their own character and the spacious courtyard, Baanhof offers the opportunity for a very varied program. You can combine with the different spaces to create a dynamic event


All upcoming Expand Rotterdam editions will be held exclusively at the ‘BaanHof’ location.

Baan 159, 3011 CA Rotterdam